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MadVideo is an audiovisual production company committed to helping artists and shows eectively promote their talent. Our expert team in recording and editing provides customized solutions, tailored to the style and vision of each show or company.

About Us

MadVideo was founded in 2019 by Nico Nale, a professional circus artist and video editing expert. His circus background provides him with a unique perspective in video editing, enabling him to capture the essence and emotion of each performance.

Work Philosophy:

Our team is committed to thoroughly understanding each project and its artistic needs at every stage of the process, from pre-production and filming to post-production.

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Specialization in Trailers

We excel in producing meticulously crafted trailers that capture the essence and
convey the energy of each show.

Social Media Promotion

We design clips and content tailored to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to maximize your reach on social media.

Additionally, we offer versatility to create engaging and diverse content, providing you with recurring material to showcase your rehearsals or announce upcoming show dates.

Show Recording:

We specialize in recording full-length shows of theater, circus, and dance.

Why Choose Us

Specialists in Performing Arts:

"Our team is highly specialized in capturing and highlighting the essence of performing arts in every project."

Professional Equipment:

"We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality in every recording, providing a professional and precise approach to each project."

Total Customization:

"We are committed to understanding the unique needs of each client and project, ensuring a personalized experience and results that exceed expectations."

Our Cameras

Sony's Cinema Line range.

We use our Sony FX3 and Sony FX6 cameras, part of Sony's Cinema Line range. These cameras are widely recognized in the industry for their quality and versatility


MadVideo is involved in a variety of projects, where we highlight our commitment to innovation and creativity.

Nueveuno Circus Company:

We are part of the new show by the Nueveuno Circus Company, 'Todo lo Posible', providing live camera handling in various scenes. We are also working on the creative part of the audiovisual proposals for the show.

Circus Spaces Mapping with MADPAC:

In collaboration with MADPAC, we are conducting a project to map circus spaces in the Madrid community.

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Special Mention in Trapezi Audiovisual Pieces Awards 2022: We received a special mention for the piece "Cuerpos en Suspensión" a video in collaboration with Compañía de circo Nueveuno.


Proven Trust: We have worked with a variety of recognized companies and shows:

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